20 Apr 2013

What is health? What does it mean to you?

My idea about this blog post was to write about health and being healthy. What does that actually mean? What does it mean to you? And what does it mean when people talk about being healthy? It is a very difficult topic and I have gone back and forth with how and what, to write. We all want to be healthy, but in order to be that we first need to establish what healthy is. According to WHO - World Health Organization, health ‘...is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being’.

In other words, health has different meaning for different people.  We all have different lives, circumstances, dreams and hopes. And the meaning of the word health has different meaning to all of us. My father i.e. has been ill most of his life. He is getting worse by the day and he is slowly losing the function in his hands and feet, he is bound to a wheel chair and have difficulties to use the computer. But his mind and his will to be the best he can be have never left him. For instance, he took his electrical wheelchair to a meeting and have now signed up to be on the list for his political party during the next election. Having been a full time ex-politician, the engagement and the desire to make a difference has never left him.But according to some people he is not healthy and should be very sad not to function properly. And yes, he is much worse than 1 year ago, 5 years ago he still walked outside and lets not talk about what he did 10 years ago.  But he is present here and now. He makes the best out of the situation he is in today and wont let other people tell him what he can and can not do. Three years ago the doctors told him he was getting worse and he should take it very easy and he did listened to them and he did take it easy. After he and Mum traveled from Sweden to us in Australia. 

But what is really interesting is that many people have no idea about their own health, they have been told what and how to feel and thats the way they live their lives. They have a tad high blood pressure and the doctor give them pills. The cholesterol is a bit over the limit, they are prescribed statins. They are on the verge of becoming diabetic, the dietician puts them on a low-fat, high carb diet. They are fat and the same dietician tell them to run more and eat less. But does this work? Do the person taking these pills, feel a true difference in their health? Do they actually feel better? Or do they only fell better because someone else is telling them they should?

Or am I just patronizing people I don’t know and people who have decided to eat and live differently? Who am I to say, MY way is the best way? I really don’t know. I look at my father and are confused. How would I react if my body failed me so tremendously? We can’t tell people how to live, we can’t tell people what’s best for them, it needs to come from within, its our own journey. No one can make that trip, but you.


  1. Så sant! Väldigt bra inlägg! Jag tror att många i Västvärlden bara är för stressade för att fatta bra beslut för sin hälsa. Det är så många saker man ska göra rätt. Hälsa, familj, karriär, ekonomi och gud vet allt. För det mesta har man bara tid att verkligen satsa på en eller två av dessa saker och resten får bli som det blir. Dessutom finns det ju så mycket felaktig information som cirkulerar och har man då för lite kunskaper och/eller saknar genuint intresse, så fattar man troligen "fel" beslut. Som t.ex. att skära ner på fett och käka processade kolhydrater fastän man är diabetiker eller leva på light-produkter och tro att man äter nyttigt....

    1. Eftersom man inte vet att man inte vet, så kan man ju inte hitta svaren.

  2. Bra skrivet Mia :)