29 Aug 2013

diets and what they do to us

Since I started to blog, in mid August, I have read numerous other food blogs and amongst them more than a few low carb blogs.
And I feel sad. Not because the other blogs are bigger and better than mine, but because a lot of the girls blogging share the same story about food, overweight and, eventually, lack of confidence and self worth. So many of us have followed the same path with so many years and so much time wasted. 

I read over and over again about young girls starting to become a bit chubby and are put on low calorie, no-fat diets by loving parents, concerned doctors and school nurses.

It never helps. It never, ever helps that young, chubby girl to lose those few kilos we are talking about here, but instead she's been given the tool to become bigger, more miserable and unhappy.
And eventually even bigger. Sure, one diet to lose a few kilos works, probably like clock work. Maybe it even works a second time around, after the kilos you lost all of a sudden came creeping back. And the only reason they'll come back is because you don't have enough self control. And that of course is your own fault, because everybody knows that a fat person lies about how much she really eats. A fat person is lazy and not motivated to change herself.
Everyone knows that.

Maybe you had two low fat yoghurts instead of one, but aren't aware of it? Maybe the kitchen scale isn't working and the fat free cheese slices are heavier than you think? How much is a tablespoon fat free mayonnaise really? If you run for another kilometer and sign up for another class at the gym, maybe something will happens on the scales.
The constant questioning of yourself, the constant feeling of losing control and the constant lack of self motivation.  You want to do this, you want to lose the kilos, but somehow you can't. Somehow you are constantly cheating with a fresh bread roll with butter or a big bowl of your favorite pasta dish with a creamy sauce and garlic bread on the side.
After the self loathing session (which will come) you pick yourself up and keep telling yourself you CAN do this, you can conquer hunger and cravings because you ARE eating as you should. It must be something wrong with you since you're always hungry. Right? Because that is what you've always been told, you are lacking self control. If you only could control yourself. If only you could eat less and run more.
Because that is the ONLY way to lose the weight.

Everybody knows that. That's the truth.

Or is it?

This is a reality for many children. Alone amongst their stick friends.

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  1. Really good writing sis :)

    and so true also for us guys...