15 Oct 2013

Photo shoot for the Swedish news paper Expressen.

Today I've done something I thought I never do; I was photographed for an hour and a half by a professional photographer!

Expressen wants to feature me and my story, not so much about the weight loss, but how I changed my life thanks to LCHF. But of course they want after-photos, which really are during-photos since I am far from done. How can you ever be done with becoming a better person? How can you ever stop being curios in whats next?

The photographer, Andrew, was a cool guy and very professional. We had a really good time and trust me, modeling is not something I want to make a living out off . My cheeks hurt after all that smiling :)


  1. Vad spännande! Hojta till när artikeln är ute! :)
    Kram kram

  2. Härligt! och ser fram emot att läsa. Att komma med i Expressen ända härifrån kan bara vara ett tecken på driftig och duktig tjej :)